About us.

Mottum Analytica is a strategic and technological consultancy that uses data science and AI to impact complex decision-making for governments and organizations.


Mottum emerged as the Technological Innovation area of Control y Gestión (CyG), an economic consulting firm dedicated to serving the public sector since its inception in 1991 and with extensive international experience collaborating with government entities throughout Latin America and Africa.

As a result, Mottum has become a well-established company, driven by a compelling mission: to empower people, society and organizations through the strategic and intelligent use of data and technology. Today, Mottum stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise, committed to extracting valuable insights from data and transforming them into actionable strategies, propelling its clients to success.

Driven by our passion for harnessing the power of data, our journey continues to influence lives and businesses and open up a world of possibilities through the ingenious combination of data analytics and technology. We continue to move forward with the intention of making a positive impact and shaping a future where data-driven decisions drive progress and prosperity for people.


Our mission is to empower individuals, societies and organizations through the strategic and intelligent use of data and technology.

We understand that the landscape of human progress is a fertile ground for data-driven decisions, and we strive to cultivate a future where such decisions foster growth, prosperity and equitable opportunities for all.


We envision a world where data serves as a universal language, closing gaps, fostering equality and empowering individuals and communities.

Data for humanity.

We strive to make data not simply a tool for business optimization, but a catalyst for positive social change and human advancement for governments and organizations.

We are committed to making data and artificial intelligence-driven solutions accessible, transparent and beneficial to all sectors of society.

Our team

mottum’s projects often require multifaceted minds to think outside the box and cover every single aspect of the project. That’s why we have partner with a diverse team of collaborators to bring the most to our clients.

Jose Luis Delgado Davara

Jose Luis Delgado Davara

CEO & Founder

Over a decade of experience in data analytics, technology and strategy consulting to drive societal change. Trained as an engineer and data scientist, I’ve honed my skills through meaningful collaborations with Multilateral Development Banks such as the World Bank and the Inter-american Development Bank.

Jose Luis Delgado Jalon

José Luis Delgado Jalón

CFO & Founder

More than 30 years of professional experience, undertaking, leading and participating in strategic initiatives in the technology sector with the governments of 25 countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Hylenne González Alfonzo

Project Manager

Social Communications graduate with a postgraduate degree in Agile Project Management, certified as a Scrum Master and CX Manager. Extensive experience in Corporate Communications, discovery processes for designing innovative solutions, and change management for publishers and commercial banks in Latin America.

César Covarrubias

Data-Driven Innovation specialist

Business-oriented innovation and strategy expert with more than 20 years of experience in technology, strategic, and futures consulting with a high business and sustainable financial view. Specific skills for critical thinking and creative resolution of problems in complex scenariosProfessor of innovation and foresight in various business schools

Andrea Rojas Salom

Government projects specialist

Professional in public administration with experience in government projects in different countries on issues related to public policies, disaster risk management, elections and democracy, public finance management, security, migration and modernization of public administration.

Eleazar Lázaro Guerra

Web developer

Over ten years of experience on web design and development, graphic design and photography. Working closely with mottum since the very beginning.

Atilio Rosas Estigarribia

Microsoft Power Platform & Azure specialist

Software Engineer specialised on Microsoft Technologies with experience in projects for different industrial sectors as developer, consultant and architect.

José Manuel Acosta Chinchilla

Administrative Officer

Diploma in Business Administration, Master in Business Administration and Management with extensive work experience in accounting, administration and logistics.