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Data warehouse design for the innovation and social impact in Ghana.

Hylenne González

In its mission to become a benchmark for innovation and technology, the C.K. Tedam University of Technology & Applied Sciences (CKT-UTAS), located in Navrongo, Ghana, has undertaken an ambitious project with mottum. This project focuses on the design of a Data Warehouse, with the aim of facing key challenges for the region in sectors such as agriculture, health and climate change. The implementation of said structure will allow the collection, analysis and sharing of data for the purpose of making intelligent decisions in the aforementioned areas.

The Challenge

The main challenge for CKT-UTAS was the development of a roadmap for the implementation of a Data Warehouse that allows the collection, analysis and sharing of data in key areas. Located in a region with unique challenges in terms of agriculture, health and climate change, the University was very clear about the importance of having a solution that, in addition to the aforementioned objective, promotes a profound cultural change throughout the Navrongo ecosystem towards practices based in data, which is essential for intelligent decision making and strategic planning.

The solution

mottum. provided a comprehensive solution for the implementation of a Data Warehouse, from its conception to its realization. Our focus was on creating a roadmap for a technologically advanced and sustainable facility.

The solution was structured into three fundamental pillars:

  • Definition of Data Warehouse facilities: Designed specifically to meet the needs of Ghana, this aspect focused on scalability and efficient management of the growing volume of data.
  • Capacity building: we implement workshops, both in person and remotely, focused on data collection and analysis, as well as the integration of IoT Lightweight technologies. These workshops were designed to promote practical and participatory learning under the premise of “learning by doing.”
  • Vision and strategy: We provide significant strategic value, advising the university in the formulation of its medium and long-term vision. This included defining a clear and coherent strategy for the future use of the Data Warehouse.

The positive impact

The development of the roadmap for the Data Warehouse at CKT-UTAS represents a significant strategic and social advance. Strategically, it reinforces the university’s vision of being a leader in data collection and analysis in the region. Socially, the impact is extensive: data on health, agriculture and climate change will be accessible to the academic community, the general community and specialized national audiences, facilitating informed decisions and improving social well-being.

The collaboration with mottum. on campus has been especially beneficial, providing knowledge in data collection and analysis to more than 30 people, including students and teachers, as well as in IoT Lightweight technology that will allow data collection and digitization to begin in areas such as agriculture, health and climate. In addition, the donation of 10 work kits with Arduino components and basic sensors will help promote the region’s innovation ecosystem and continue continuous training in this area.

“The project is very ambitious because it will make CKT-UTAS, which is new and independent, the star in terms of data collection throughout Ghana. In addition, it will enhance the economic impact of the entire city, whose main activity is agriculture and, finally, it will allow international recognition for the University”

Rosa Druguet, Export Manager of the project.

Find out all the details about our mission in Ghana below:


Our recently completed project for CKT-UTAS represents a significant milestone, demonstrating the crucial importance of the convergence between technology, innovation and social impact. By focusing on key aspects such as scalability, efficient data management, and hands-on training, we not only addressed immediate needs, but also laid the foundation for sustained adaptation and growth.

Making vital information on health, agriculture and climate change accessible and transformed into knowledge to an audience as wide as the entire Navrongo region, empowers the community as a whole through knowledge. This achievement underscores the transformative power of data to positively influence social well-being. Without a doubt, the combination of technology and education opens an immense horizon of possibilities for social change and development.

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