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mottum launches website, welcome!.

Hylenne González

We are in an era of unprecedented interconnection and transformation, and to keep up with these dynamic times, making informed and strategic decisions is essential. That is why, with great emotion, we announce the launch of the new mottum website: a space where the passion for data analytics, technology and an undeniable mission converge: to empower humanity through through the data.

A little history

After eight years of diversified and extensive experience in technological development projects, our CEO and founder, José Luis Delgado Davara, felt the need to create a space where data science could be used to benefit organizations and, consequently, people. A space that would allow you to provide data-based solutions to complex problems, because understanding people and offering solutions to real problems is what really has an impact.

Precisely this passion for making data available to people so that they can be used to the maximum with the intention of improving is what today translates into mottum.

What does mottum mean?

The word “motum” comes from the Latin and means movement. Humanity has been in constant motion for thousands of years, however, it is now when we have the data, resources and skills to put data analytics and Artificial Intelligence at the service of people. At mottum we seek to continue giving movement through data to organizations, society and companies to continue growing and positively impacting people. That is mottum’s mission.

Our value proposition

Our new website does not come alone, it is accompanied by a sincere definition exercise in which we present to all the attributes that we put at the disposal of those who decide to believe in us, which makes us unique:

  1. Global perspective: the international experience that projects around the world have brought us gives us a valuable holistic vision to address any challenge.
  2. Agility: we adapt quickly to changing needs, guaranteeing agile, efficient and updated solutions.
  3. Specialization: our multidisciplinary technical training and constant passion for being up to date with the latest trends and technologies, ensures the resolution of complex problems within a wide spectrum.
  4. Personalized attention: We provide close attention and constant commitment to understand and meet our clients’ objectives with personalized solutions.
  5. Comprehensive solutions: our services range from the conceptualization of the solution to its implementation, passing through design and development, thus ensuring successful results from any phase of the project.
  6. Education: we know that the world of data and Artificial Intelligence can be intimidating, that is why we strive to impart knowledge about it with the intention of making more and more strategic decisions based on data.

CENTRIX Methodology

In addition, we present CENTRIX, a methodology that meets our desire to put the customer at the center of all processes, with the intention of creating solutions that solve real needs, are sustainable over time and generate a positive impact on people and, consequently, in organizations and societies.

CENTRIX is based on a process of identification and definition of the problem; data discovery; methodological, collaborative and agile development; a quality delivery and; finally, a subsequent accompaniment to be guides in the implementation and adoption of our solutions.

In conclusion, at mottum we are not only launching a new website, we are also renewing our commitment to empowering organizations and people through data analysis and technology. We are firm believers that in this digital age, the true value lies in understanding and efficiently using the vast amount of data that is generated daily. Here we will be guiding and supporting those seeking to transform complex challenges into innovative opportunities.

Talk later?

We are here to collaborate, innovate and create data-driven solutions. We invite you to learn more about how mottum can transform your challenges into opportunities. Contact us and find out.